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module Couch class Server def initialize(host, port, options = nil) @host = host @port = port @options = options end def delete(uri) request(Net:: HTTP:: end def get(uri) request(Net:: HTTP:: end def put(uri, json) req = Net:: HTTP:: req["content-type"] = "application/json" = json request(req) end def request(req) res = Net:: HTTP.start(@host, @port) unless res.kind_of?

(Net:: HTTPSuccess) handle_error(req, res) end res end private def handle_error(req, res) e = Runtime"#:#n METHOD:#n URI:#n#") raise e end end end Now that we have our class ready to go, we can start using it.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to turn multiple conferences into a chat room interface, including a full option menu .

A great perk to this app is the ability to monitor everyone in the room using Couch DB – with Couch DB, you can see how many people are in each room, along with their corresponding caller IDs.

We may contact you by phone or email if we need more information.There are several different Couch DBs that you can use, however for this blog I will use iris.To start, set up an instance of Couch DB by initially going here.We can now start looking through the application code that will use this database, along with Tropo, to create and track multiple conferences.The first thing to do, as always, is import the libraries that we need. of Atlanta (S1C) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 community based organization with its headquarters based in Marietta, Georgia.