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Star Shailene Woodley says viewers will learn that answer on Monday's episode.

Bill gates dating

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”’ A self-confessed ‘nerd’, albeit one with a greater opportunity to indulge his passion than most, Bill, it would seem, is pretty much like any other husband and father when it comes to his sense of domestic duty.‘One Christmas our daughter decided at the very last minute that she wanted a certain toy, but I was out of town with the children so Bill went to the store on 23 December, bought this gigantic plush dog and carried it aloft – all the way to Colorado.’Now there’s an Instagram moment that cried out to be captured; but then the bling-free couple have always been almost disappointingly downbeat billionaires.In 1975, Gates and Paul Allen launched Microsoft, which became the world's largest PC software company.During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of chairman, CEO and chief software architect, while also being the largest individual shareholder until May 2014.Of course, it’s obvious when he’s been shopping because it’s not really his thing, so it doesn’t occur to him to hide the bag.The kids always laugh and say, “Hey look, Dad’s been shopping!“We really don’t watch TV; we like DVDs,” says the 49-year-old mother of three, sitting in a quiet corner of the hotel in a brown suit and gold earrings, her long hair down. When we go on a trip, we don’t just rely on the hotel movies; we actually take a bag of DVDs with us.” Her job is to figure out how to give away billions of dollars.The foundation has awarded .6 billion in grants since its start in 2000, focusing primarily on global health, poverty and education – combating malaria and HIV, designing better condoms and building better lavatories.

Gates is fresh off a panel discussion with Hillary Clinton on a favourite topic: improving life for women.

‘On special occasions, Bill will always buy me a present himself,’ says Melinda.

‘It will be something personal – a lovely sweater or a pair of pyjamas.

But as she steps up to champion her latest philanthropic cause, better lives for women worldwide, she's publicly talking about all sorts of things, including her relationship with her famous husband, Microsoft cofounder and the world's richest man, Bill Gates. He asked to schedule dinner with her in two weeks and she told him that "that's not spontaneous enough for me." She gave him her number and told him to ask again closer to the day he was free.

Earlier this year, she told the story to Fortune's Nina Easton of how Bill asked her out one Saturday morning in the company parking lot. Instead, he called her that night and things took off from there, In a newly published interview with Forbes' Caroline Howard, Gates explained why she eventually said yes to that first date.