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Another pillar in Facebook's strategy is to limit how those under 18 can interact on the site and to make it harder for adults to find them.
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The album would debut atop the Oricon charts and mark the first time an album by a Korean artist reached number #1 in Japan.

Do I need to say more about this talented charming guy? damn, I hope this mini drama has a next part with 2 more episodes. Rest assured, I gonna watch anything this writer [Joo Hwa-Mi] writes!

Choosing Siwan for Boa's partner was a mistake, he looked too babyface for the mature Boa. It was cute and romantic and made me think of all things nice! She's amazing with her rom-coms must watch 'Marriage Not Dating' too.

I am eagerly waiting for any of your dramas you are more hot than any lead actors !!! I expected that there would be another hindrance in the meeting of the two, but I wasn't expecting it to be HIM...

When the interviewer asked Tablo why it took him so long to answer, he jokingly replied β€œFor 12 hours, I'm still in disbelief that she texted me and for the next 12 hours, I'm busy bragging to other members.” Ha! Tablo is wonderful in his own way, but to discredit Bo A and said she should be insecure? Right because being the star of Asia at the age of 13, Being consider one of the most talented, if not, the msot talented artist, contributed HUGELY to the Korean wave, basically open up doorway to other Korean singer in Japan, and so much more, at the age of 21, is such an easy thing to achieve right? Bo A is bigger than any other asia star out there, let's not try to compare here sweetie.i think what she's trying to say that Boa could feel i lil intimidated with his brain...after all he is so damn brilliant...a genius i would say..beside in the term of music tablo also achieve quite a success with epik high...that's all..trying to underestimate Boa or what...get too pissed off over something so simple..Boa is sure one amazing gal.i think they would match perfectly...maybe this is the making of boblodang i like that nickname.... aznblueflame: Tablo already said it, he likes what he do because its his passion not because of wealth n fame!

Good to see that these two formed some kind of friendship from Anyband campaign. Tablo is wonderful in his own way, but to discredit Bo A and said she should be insecure? And Yes, I'm sure Boa can find a good looking man!