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It s fairly common for Web applications to work on a single record at a time.

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But her backround, which includes training in economics and linguistics, is as a social scientist.

She has worked in Qatar, among other places, studying the intersection of human-computer interaction, computer-mediated communication and computer-supported cooperative work, especially as it pertains to social media in Arab Gulf countries.

Long averse to non-Muslim curiosity seekers, the Kingdom is now flirting with tourism, though drinking is forbidden and women can’t drive—or do much of anything—without a man.

Armed with moxie and a Burqini, the author confronts the limits of Saudi Arabian hospitality, as well as various male enforcers, learning that, as always, it matters whom you know.

Please note that this movie is an explicitly erotic one, but one tends to forget that the original Arabian Nights were very much so, and not fairy tales for children.

It is certainly difficult to make an erotic masterpiece, as sexual content does not make a movie better.

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I started to notice that Qataris and people from regions outside of where I was familiar used Facebook and Instagram a lot, and likely for different reasons than I was using them.

Today, the major focus of her research is defining design principles that consider non-Western cultural values and examining how advertisers worldwide use social media for marketing and advertising.

When Vieweg came to the UO School of Journalism and Communication in March as a speaker for the Demystifying Media Series, she talked to SOJC students and faculty about the specific ways people in the Arabian Gulf use social media. Although her talk was titled “Sex, Surveillance and Shopping,” she explained how, in that part of the world, even those three categories of use don’t mean the same things they might in the West.

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