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Both she and Penina's younger sister converted to Christianity.

After high school Penina attended Bible college where she was trained as an evangelist.

Penina Taylor is a woman with a mission – to fight missionaries. She knows their tactics and understands their philosophy, because, prior to her commitment to a Jewish life, Penina's greatest passion was to convert Jews to Christianity. Her Jewish mother struggled to make ends meet while studying to become a registered nurse.

Left on her own much of the day, she became the object of abuse.

As those who have been there can attest, raising the next generation of Christians is simply tougher when one parent is dragging his heels or openly balking. I've seen praiseworthy spouses watch their mates come around to faith. Genuine interfaith marriage is a challenge I don't recommend.

But as marriage has shifted in purpose over time, many Christians have added layers of meaning onto Paul's wise command. Spiritual maturity is not equally distributed among men and women in the peak marrying years.

"I had lots of existential questions, but absolutely no answers." At age 15, Penina talked with one of her schoolmates about the direction her life was taking.

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“The spokesman also confirmed that Meghan’s Jewish background would not prevent her from having an ‘interfaith’ marriage there,” Camilla Tominey writes in the May 14 article.Stories in publications across the United States and United Kingdom have prompted the question.An article in the British tabloid Daily Express claims that Markle’s father is Jewish; Vanity Fair, Elle UK, Tablet and many others have cited the story.Jewish Humor Central is a blog to start your day with news of the Jewish world that's likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland is an annual cultural event organized since 1988 in the once Jewish district of Kazimierz (part of Krakow) by the Jewish Culture Festival Society headed by Janusz Makuch The main goal of the festival is to educate people about Jewish culture, history and faith which flourished in Poland before the Holocaust, as well as to familiarize them with modern Jewish culture developing mostly in the United States and Israel, and finally, to provide entertainment.It's also a collection of sources of Jewish humor--anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. At this year's festival, Kolot Min Hashamayim (Voices from Heaven), a boys' choir from Haifa, Israel, participated and sang songs including this version of Adon Olam, which we hope you'll enjoy as much as we did."Unequally yoked" has evolved into a graded criterion for an optimal mate rather than a simple test for an acceptable one. Quality survey data reveal only two serious, churchgoing evangelical men for every three comparable women.