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On some days during our chat, aunt rekha would look me with a smile.

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Ive been married twice the first ended in divorce because he was very...

Finland, according to some Finns I know, is not part of Scandinavia, which comprises Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The area described by the adjective "Nordic" (describing an area called "Norden" in Swedish but I don't think the term is used in English) includes Finland, Estonia, the Faroe Islands and Iceland as well as Scandinavia.Nothing can compare to the feeling of walking through the door of your home into the arms of someone who is genuinely happy to see you.If you’re single, that may be a relationship goal that you wish to have, and it is an understandable one; we all want to feel wanted, needed, and loved.After all finish language has absolutely nothing in common with the scandinavian languages.I as a dane have no problems communicating in danish with people from Norway or Sweden, but I do not understand a word of finish.The majority of the population of Scandinavia are descended from several (North) Germanic tribes who originally inhabited the southern part of Scandinavia and spoke a Germanic language that evolved into Old Norse.