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It also suggests that the Pyramid is not the burial place for a king but a centre of power.It is of no surprise that the Ancient Egyptian section of the Ministry of State of Antiquities vehemently refuted such results, brandishing the archaeologists as “amateurs”, and reemphasising that the Great Pyramid belongs to King Khufu, the second king of the fourth dynasty, and that it was built during his reign to be used as his royal burial place for eternity.Science: The scientific methods include radiocarbon 14 dating, archaeological investigations, and geological investigations. Until the different researchers arrive at the same conclusion, Carbon-14 dating will continue to be a guessing game when it comes to the pyramids.Some radiocarbon dating results date the pyramids from a time spanning Dynasty 3 to late Dynasty 5 and giving them an average age of 374 years older than the Cambridge Ancient History dates of the kings with whom the pyramids are identified.Such technology couldn't have evolved in the span of 20-30 years that separates them, says Temple.I couldn't find any direct criticisms of this specific book, so my question is: are these real problems? And if a respected dating technique indicates that some monuments and temples are too old, and if there are problems with the progression of technology from one dynasty to another, how come I can't find sources talking about it besides Temple?

The man depicted several times in this scene is Nefer, a son of Kahai.Once they establish the chronological order of the kings who ruled, they assign the pyramid to the kings based on the time frame they ruled.However, this method has been challenged by the other methods. This makes it difficult to obtain a repeatable consistent dating pattern using Carbon-14 dating.Nevertheless, if it is indeed the case that they stole a cartouche from a small compartment within the pyramid, this is a despicable act that should have big consequences.But we turn our attention now to another controversy that has emerged out of this dispute.German archaeologists are currently embroiled in a dispute with Egypt’s antiquities ministry after they allegedly removed samples from the Great Pyramid and subsequently announced that the construction date of the Great Pyramid is wrong .