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Just a few hours ago, it was announced that actress Meisa Kuroki (27) will play the leading role of NHK General’s fall drama “Designer Baby”.
was Young’s claim to fame, though he has appeared in a host of other films and shows.

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AZAR - Random Video Chat is exactly what its name suggests it is: an app that lets you have random video conversations with other users.In other words, it's a sort of hybrid between Badoo and Chatroulette.

This week, we're going interactive, because the situation in which reader “Flash” found himself describes an ethical dilemma The Reg feels un-qualified to address.

Vote for cool stuff and help other people with their daily decisions. Therefore the program Neunmalklug may be used as a judge for the Turing-test.

All chatterbots that run on the Program PY-SH engine are known as Betabots. Neunmalklug can find out whether his dialogue partner is a human or a machine.

Betabots work on most Unix systems that support Python3.

Neo (nickname: Neobot) is a chatterbot of the Betabot family which uses the Program PY-SH engine and uses Xaiml files as the knowledge databases. Betabots are currently developed by Devyn Collier Johnson and the Xaiml-Developers Team.