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"Today's Low" The lowest sales price the stock has fallen to during the regular trading hours, the intra-day low.

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Lindsay pops a question to Melanie at her sister's wedding. Emmett's working for fabulous men who seem like the politically correct characters of the new gay TV drama, "Gay as Blazes"!Michael returns to Pittsburgh just as Chris Hobbs is sentenced. Michael wants to reconnect with Brian at the comic convention.Brian always loved strategic games, and although being familiar with poker dating back to high school, Brian started playing weekly at the Stanford Poker Club (founded by his friend Mike Asmar) in the spring of 2003.

But she spends more time in West Hollywood than Victoria. The guy is over 40, never married, not often seen with the opposite sex, and has no excuse on earth not to be at least coupled and/or out and about as a manwhore.

— Brady Lee Olson, 47, of Ettrick died suddenly, but quickly, Monday, Aug. and was a lifelong resident of Ettrick, a town he loved ...

While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend, Dusty (played by Hansis) blacks-out.

Randy Harrison (Justin) - Gay Gale Harold (Brian) - Closeted Michelle Clunie (Melanie) - Straight Thea Gill (Lindsay) - Bi Scott Lowell (Ted) Schmidt - Closeted Peter Paige (Emmett) - Gay Hal Sparks (Michael) - Straight Sharon Gless (Debbie) - Straight Robert Gant (Ben) - Gay Jack Wetherall (Vic) - Gay Dean Armstrong (Blake) - Gay Harris Allan (James) - Straight I have mixed opinions about Dean.

He did volunteer with that Gay youth group in Vancouver and did so publicly.