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Internet dating too fast

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I texted him a week after our third date to see if he wanted to "hang out," as we say, but he responded with a detailed account of -- oh-em-gee! A year ago, I met Pointy-Nosed Architect Fella at a gay bar.

We gazed at each other across the room, but he was a shy one, and it wasn't until we found ourselves washing our hands next to each other in the bathroom that we chatted.

While it’s mostly men who don’t want to lose any time, more and more women are ready to speed things up a little.

If you take the bull by the horns it can alarm the other person.

On the one side there’s someone who likes to speed things to a conclusion; on the other is someone who prefers to take his or her time ... “I was really surprised when he replied by saying that he didn’t want to meet up immediately,” she recalls.

Right at the beginning of their online correspondence Nathalie (36) could tell that Alex (39) wanted to meet her in person, so she suggested meeting straight away - she thought lots of emails and phonecalls would be too laborious.

When you make decisions based on your own skewed expectations in dating, you often miss the opportunity to meet the right person.

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I was positive that this guy would not be my husband, but I was willing to keep hanging out with him. Zero others were knocking at my door, so maybe he would grow on me.

The Frisky: What NOT to put in your online dating profile 4. There's a difference between knowing what you want and having a list of criteria no woman could meet.

With few exceptions, we're happy to show you the door.

We appreciate your toys -- your car, your motorcycle, your boat -- but we would rather hear about what makes you tick. The Frisky: Worst-dressed politicos, from Crocs to mom jeans 8. Your resume should include something other than trips to Mardi Gras, booze-fueled tales of debauchery, and all the hot girls you dated.

If we want you to have our real e-mail address and our phone number, we'll let you know.