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Intimidating employee

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In January, we refinished the floors in one department where six employees work.

We were closed the appropriate amount of time (as recommended by the painter) and when we had employees back in the department to reset there was an odor, but for the majority of employees it was tolerable.

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It was anonymous, so while I don’t know who filed it, I have a guess.We had the exterior doors open sporadically and purchased extra fans.No one asked to be reassigned to another department, which would have been easy to do, as employees move from floor to floor and department to department regularly.If we understand this question correctly, in addition to using all of her allotted vacation time, this salaried exempt employee is also taking 3 to 4 days per month off.Presumably, those days are unscheduled and are days when you would normally expect the employee to work.Taking the time to plan out how new hires will be introduced into your company will affect their future performance, their ability to achieve stated goals and their overall satisfaction with their new positions.