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The "greatest European mathematician of the middle ages", his full name was Leonardo of Pisa, or Leonardo Pisano in Italian since he was born in Pisa, Italy (see Pisa on Google Earth), the city with the famous Leaning Tower, about 1175 AD.
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I found out he was an air steward for Malaysia Airlines.After almost six months of speaking on the phone he said he was flying to London and asked if I would like to meet up.In addition, we also identified new barriers to sex education among Muslim youth (e.g.

Our analysis revealed several issues that are relevant for the design of future sex education programs targeting Muslim youth.

I'm Muslim and have never been able to discuss this with Muslim girl friends (all prudes) so I wanted to get some of the opinions other Muslims/Non-Muslims have on this.

I'm approached by guys often and always tell them that I'm not interested etc. I would kill to be able to have a relationship with a guy, it's natural.

A Middle Eastern secondary teacher urged me, “Tell women in the West that Muslim women are like them, in their family and community, their life and work.

There are educated Muslim women, doctors, lawyers, teachers, workers—we’re all the same.” Personally, I find our common femaleness gives me a shared bond with Muslim women everywhere.