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Call-in: 888-857-7291; passcode: 206-359-3002 Information:... The Committee on Professional Ethics issues advisory opinions to address recurring or emerging ethics issues facing WSBA members and also plays a key role in reviewing and suggesting potential amendments to the RPCs.
The actor married longtime girlfriend and beauty queen Maria Cahill on April 21, proving that he’s all grown up and nowhere near the same person he was when he was on .

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According to Ovid, he fused with the nymph Salmacis resulting in one individual possessing physical traits of both sexes; The child in the case was born in December 2004 with ovotestes, initially determined as male, but subsequently assigned female and placed in the care of South Carolina Department of Social Services in February 2005.

A hermaphrodite possesses male and female reproductive organs.

Despite their female-sounding voices, Alpha Centaurans were hermaphrodites and properly referred to as "it".

God created sex for the procreation of children and to cement the marriage relationship between a husband and wife.

Abnormalities such as hermaphroditism that might thwart these purposes are no reason to depart from the moral standards set by God.

If the individual disagrees with “its” parents’ choice, would it be morally acceptable to switch once they become old enough to choose for themselves? I’m not trying to be ridiculous—I just would like to have a good answer.

Dr Don Batten replies: The biological causes and nature of the (rare) human hermaphrodite condition are described in the article Creationism and the problem of homosexual behaviour (search for hermaphrodite).