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Cardiff counts a population of nearly 1.1 million and is Wales’ official capital since 1955.

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At least they have a sense of humor and they're willing to laugh about their unfortunate situation."J. If it's self-depricating and not self-defecating—I think thats where we draw the line."Red Hot or Red Flag: No Hot Friends Adey: "That's a little strange judge of character because there's a reason why she's hanging out with ugly girls. Birds of a feather flock together so there's something ugly about her."J. I don't do messy drunks."Alex: "There's no such thing as being a straight drunk. She doesn't wanna get pizza sauce all over her nice dress! I like a girl with a sense of humor, even if they're making fun of themselves. I'm pro-sloppy drunk." Red Hot or Red Flag: An AOL Email Address J. I prefer women who are on Compu Serve."Alex: "That means she's not very hip. This greeting is temporary and only remains online until you hang up.Next, you will hear the greetings of others who are available to talk with you.

As a first-timer, you can call their number – (844) 903 1829 for your free trial experience. This is the time you will get the best adult phone chat experience here.' Not 'love,' but like, 'I can have that attraction again.'" So both guys are still signed on, hoping Ms. According to Marcus and Brian, no cats, no self-deprecating humor and no sex on the first date.Right is out there on the other side of a profile picture somewhere. The guys revealed a few surprising turn-ons and a couple major turn-offs in a quick game of "Red Hot or Red Flag? Red Hot or Red Flag: Meeting the Family on the First Date Marcus: "Red flag for me. [If a date was to meet my family early on], it would be on accident."Brian: "Red hot." (Brian's obviously okay with it—he brought Mara home to meet his sisters on their first date.) Red Hot or Red Flag: An AOL Email Address Marcus: "That's a red flag. I feel like when girls do that, I'm automatically turned off.The girls here are sexy, plus they know what they are aiming at, so if you’re not prepared for this, Red Hot Dateline might not be ideal for you.Try it yourself and let us know how it works for you in the comments section.have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to finding the right partner. We've seen them put up with a lot, including twerking on the first date. When we recently caught up with online daters Marcus Pierce and Brian Reams, we played a fun little deal-breaker game—Red Hot or Red Flag? Keith: "I would be more concerned if her friends were awful rather than unattractive." Red Hot or Red Flag: 3 Drinks on the First Date Adey: "It depends.