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“She’s still not going to be invited to the cool parties.
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The dating game show theme music

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In the mid-1980s, Apple needed software for the Macintosh, the machine that pushed the graphical user interface into the mainstream, and Gates was happy to supply it, realizing the power of this new machine.

In October 1983, Gates appeared at Apple's annual sales meeting in Honolulu, which doubled as the Mac's coming out party.

Before Apple painted Microsoft's Windows operating system as a threat to the lives of PCs everywhere, Jobs and Gates worked hand-in-hand.

Come to think of it, was my spouse more rural or urban?

And what was the most unusual place we made whoopee?

Who wouldn't have been at least slightly let down to discover that they'd just purchased a version of the Six Million Dollar Man theme that skips over the entire spoken-word introduction?

I have learned that there's usually a gem in every box of junk, and the prize on this one is probably the Hawaii Five-O theme, a tune which the "Pop Singers and Orchestra" take right over the top and back.