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It might be possible to change the property in version of the properties file.

I'm not saying this is the nice way to do things, but you could How about building a UI?

They verbally acknowledged we are not liable IF they do this. In a running WAR Changing a properties file inside a running WAR file is potentially bad juju as some web containers might see that as a redeploy of the entire WAR file (and we all know that hot deploys of WAR files can cause memory leaks and other unknown issues).

On the CLASSPATH Setting up your web application to read a properties file from a common location shouldn't be too difficult (especially if you go for the properties file in the same directory as the WAR file approach) Exploded/working directory Most web/app servers have an exploded or working area where the current running version of the app is doing its thing.

updating a file in java-65

After the file is downloaded, browse to the Downloads directory and Double-Click or Right-Click-Open the downloaded Java Update EXE, in this case were updating to Java 7 Update 40. Ignore the “Welcome to Java” installation window for now.My manager likes this idea because it keeps us in control but the customer doesn't like this. Update: My boss had a meeting with the customer and we are going to give them a preconfigured WAR file for their environment.We will also be available to rebuild for them if their environments change, and we will provide instructions to SAFELY (shut down the server first) locate and modify the properties files. I'd argue that the customer should be able to change the properties when they want to, they're paying for the flexibility after all right?For Windows XP and Windows 2000 installations use the directories listed below to locate the extracted MSI file.Windows XP As you can see below the latest Java MSI and CAB files have been extracted to this directory.After doing so, you'll receive three warning emails letting you know the auto-update will fail.