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Updating nameserver

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You can map as many additional domains to the same site as you would like, but you have to pay for additional mapping upgrades separately.If you’re trying to map a subdomain (for example: blog.instead of, use our Map A Subdomain support page instead.(There is an irony here, as some of the more “evil” malware hijacks your host file to prevent their removal or to redirect search queries).Unfortunately, there are several problems with using host files, especially in a corporate environment: As an alternative to host files, there are several desktop-based DNS software packages available which are designed for use on a single desktop.When a computer requests a URL or file from one of these domains, a fake reply is sent, thus preventing many malware installs from occurring.We all have had problems with machines being overrun by malware: taking 20 minutes to startup, constant popups, hijacking of the home and search pages, bookmarks being added, etc.It's free, and Jordan is there to provide support and answer questions in case of problems. See Answer 4 [Updated 12/15/2011]: Added note about IPv6 issues [Updated 1/21/2012]: Lots of comment Spam.I do suggest you consider donating to Jordan for his work. The two most common problems are: [Updates 1/6/2014]: 1. If it will continue for long, I will be closing commenting.

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Each paid plan comes with a free domain credit you can use to either register a new domain or map one you already own.Follow this link to download the manual from this site, with the following disclaimer: At this time a manual is not available on AT&T's website or motorola website.However, a manual was submitted to the FCC as part of the approval process.It mostly fits the modems sent to consumers homes, but some interfaces (mainly the command line interface) seem to be disabled.Results for and are provided courtesy of Veri Sign, Inc.For these top-level domains, the results of a successful search will contain only technical information about the registered domain name and referral information for the registrar of the domain name.