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Always gets slated but hey, for a tenner for the kids?If you want an easy-to-use phone that's great for social networking and web access, buy the Vodafone 354.

The user can still store the MSISDN on the SIM themselves, but this also allows them to store any arbitrary number, and it is not guaranteed to be set or to even be the subscribers actual phone number. Those calls you asked about fetch the number that is stored in the SIM card.

The Company acquires spectrum and licenses to use radio frequencies that deliver mobile services.

Its fixed capabilities include cable, fiber and copper networks to enable television, broadband and voice services.

Prosumer Life @299 enables Black Berry service users on the Vodafone network to access up to 10 supported POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts.

They can view, manage and respond to all their messages right from their smartphones.